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The name 21mm Photography refers not to the type of camera, but rather the lens used to make the majority of these images, a Zeiss 21mm Distagon. This is a super-wide angle manual focus lens with extremely precise optics.
Many of these images have been created using process known as High dynamic ranging, or HDR. By taking several exposures of the same scene from a tripod and then combining them later in post processing, it is possible to create an image that is correctly exposed throughout the frame. Done carefully, HDR photography effectively mimics the way our eyes perceive light and shadow.

Print Options 

Prints are available on a range of different mediums, including paper, canvas, glass and aluminum. At this time, only paper prints can be ordered through the site. Canvas, glass and aluminum prints are all custom ordered. Most orders arrive within seven to ten business days.

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New Location!

I've recently relocated to Colorado Springs, CO
You can see pictures from my drive out here in 'Westward Bound' and stay tuned for new pictures of Colorado by season.


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Old trucks, abandoned buildings and public art can be found in 'Made in America'

'Selective Colorization' features black and white photos with a certain amount of color

Westward Bound

Vermont by Season

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